Saturday, December 10, 2011


This can happen to anyone in America.  So listen up.  The world is tired of corruption and specially Government-Covered Corruption.  The United States of America through its sublime constitution, believes in the Santity of vested property and vested property rights.  The High Court, which happens to be the best in the world, stands against Frauds and any fraulent activities that can lead to frauds.  The Department of Justice, under the leadership of the Honorable Eric Holder, is vehemently pursuing the proliferation of injustice and frauds in our nation and abroad.  Even the 75th Attorney General
during his tenure, to our belief, stated that beyond 2005, the real issues that will the court will hav eto reckon with will be that of Property Rights.  Did he know that this was going to happen to us years later?  The way was paved for property rights to become the major issue of the day in courts.  Yet, the Federal courts dodged the main issue that contained injuries-in-fact, apparently in the chase of circumstantial evidence and, at the expense of lost properties with damning evidence.

The area where this all took place is the Gulf of Mexico from Destin to Panama City in Florida, sometimes referred to as  PARADISE BY THE SEA.  And, I can understand why, for the water is really emerald and the sand is white which create an irresistible appeal when on vacation or as an area for one to own properties in.  However, we as property owners and African Americans have found hell in that so called Paradise by the Sea and that for nearly seven years specially due for the past six years to the Federal Court covering and supporting what other minor Government did in the State of Florida.  Can a Federal Court cover corruption?  Listen attentively and discover the new trend of law the Federal Court wanted us to believe and this we learned the hard and most painful way.  First, watch this brief video about the TEN ALLEGED FRAUDS UPON THE COURT and then you can let us know as a property owner, blacks, foreigners, or as a United States Citizen, if what happened here was normal as clearly stated by our former attorney in this case. .  Should you find some of these things repulsive as we have along with Billions of Websites that are now discussing FRAUDS AND FRAUDS UPON THE COURT and as it appears on CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS, just let us know by signing up to vote against injustice in our land, before another eruption or revolt breaks out against our appointed authorities.  Do this for the sake of our democratic process from the United States Constitution which makes our legal system second to none the best around the world.  It is with this in mind and with Injuries-in-fact that we the plaintiffs came forward before the Federal courts and not with van rhetorics or pontification of words that are circumstantial and irrelevant.  therefore, this will be the controversy and the fight between Presumption of Innocence from the part of the Officers and Judicial Officers and Preponderance of Evidence from the part of the plaintiffs-made-defendants in this metamorphosed case supported by the trial Federal court.